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We are a premium supplier of classic and vintage LED filament light bulbs in Australia & New Zealand.

Our mission is to reduce the dependence we all have on conventional light sources, by developing our own unique and innovative line of LED lighting, we offer energy efficient, long lasting and durable systems – starting a thoughtful movement which benefits all. We have you, the consumer, at the core thought of all our products, recognising that high quality, beautiful and sustainable LED lighting are all crucial factors.

Key Features

We’re extremely proud to announce that we now have a new range of Vintage LED light bulbs, featuring the pioneering Flexible LED Filament Technology. What makes these different? Well, that would be the “soft” LED filament, a design inspired by the definitive engineering of the incandescent light bulb. To briefly explain, our old method would utilise an array of diodes, arranged specifically to ensure a 360-degree beam spread. LiquidLEDs has upgraded this model, using soft LED filaments technology, in which the diodes are embedded in advanced polymer materials. These soft LED filaments enable us to mirror the original beam spread, that we’ve all come to know and love. This allows us to easily adapt to the new and improved technology; so that we easily become accustomed to decorative lightings such as pendant lights, cage lights and chandeliers. Not only that, soft LED filaments allow us to push ourselves out of our comfort zone, opening new opportunities for creative lighting devices, straying away from traditional moulds.

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LiquidLEDs is so proud to have the title as the biggest supplier of LED lights in Australia and New Zealand. This comes as no surprise; we have an extensive range of beautiful LED light bulbs, produced under an exceptional standard, ensuring you get the highest of quality products. Our LED lights are all designed for specific purposes with one thing in common; they’re capable of reducing your energy consumption by at least 80%.

We eagerly invite you to shop with the best-selling LED bulbs supplier today!